Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Love Of Music

I was just thinking as I was downloading a song on ITunes about how much I love music. I can't remember a time in my life that music wasn't a part of it. As a kid growing up, my brothers and I were always subjected to the music that my parents listened to. Back then we had one of those wood cabinet models with the turntable inside and the built in speakers. When the TV wasn't on, my parents were always listening to their albums or 45 rpms. I'm not saying that we loved or even liked all of it, but I think it has made all of us music lovers.

I can remember when I was in about the 3rd or 4th grade, my parents bought me a Beatle 45rpm to play on my little red & white phonograph. I loved the Beatles and it was during their heyday...l965 or 1966. My best friend at the time (Trudy) had two Beatle albums and we were constantly listening to them. Whenever I hear a song from one of those records, it immediately transports me back to Olla, La. and my memories of me and Trudy.

The first album that I ever owned was bought by my parents for my 10th birthday. It was The Monkees first album. I still have this album and in later years, bought it on a CD version. It's funny how you can still remember the words to songs you haven't heard in years. It's a wonder this thing still has any grooves left in it because I know I played it millions of times. As I got to be a teenager, my album purchases turned to The Osmonds. Lord have mercy, my first true teen idol obsession was Donny Osmond. I couldn't get enough of his music and his first solo album "Donny Osmond" was played over and over until I think my parents wanted to have their ears sealed shut. I still have this album and all of the albums I've ever owned.

Over the years my music taste has matured (well, somewhat)and I still love to buy music. I can't imagine not being able to listen to music. In fact, I could do without a TV before I could do without my CD player or MP3 player. I can't drive in my car at all without either the CD player, radio or Sirius radio playing. Over the years I've tried to buy CD's of the old albums that I loved and I've gotten a pretty big collection. I wonder sometimes that if something ever happens to me, who will want all of this? I know Andrew & Jonathan couldn't care less about my music collection. I really don't think there will ever be a big monetary value for the likes of The Monkees, Bobby Sherman, Donny Osmand, David Cassidy and other long faded teen idols music. Now, my Keith Urban collection is a different story....those will be given to carefully selected, true Urban Ho's that will appreciate their value!

I guess I'm just getting sentimental thinking about my love of music and how I appreciate my parents for loving it too and passing it on to us kids. I can't hear a Merle Haggard, Jim Reeves or Don Williams song without tearing up and thinking of my dad!


  1. Marsha, that "wood cabinet models with the turntable inside and the built in speakers" is called a console stereo. Just like the wood, piece-of-furniture TV's that Mama and Dad always bought is a console TV. Way out of style now.

    I've thought many times over the years about how all four of us kid's were and are music nuts. We all have our own tastes, sometimes similar and often way different, but we all have listening to music as a HUGE part of our lives. That was what Paul and I mostly talked about when we were talking, even the weekend he died. When Mark and I talk, we invariably end up talking music.

    I agree that although nobody in our family, even extended family, played a musical instrument, growing up with Mama's and Dad's playing music LP's almost constantly in the house destined us to love music.

    I've always been a guitar nut, even as a kid my favorite songs were one's with cool guitar licks in them. Many times I would hear you playing records in your room with the door closed, and if you were playing the Beatles, I'd sit against the wall in the hall listening, HOPING that you would play Paperback Writer simply because of that little opening guitar lick that George Harrison did in that song drew me like a moth to a flame. I LOVED it, and still do. That's still my favorite Beatles song because it helps me remember and relive that part of my youth.

  2. Love of fudge and good music -- kindred spirits. I used to stare at that Monkees' cover and kiss Davy Jones' picture. Now KU -- that's a different story.